From Beer Grain to PowerFlour

Beer is brewed with grain. Mainly barley. Did you know that beer brewers do not use the entire grain kernel to brew their beer? They only extract the sugars and starches, discarding the proteins and fibres also present in the grain. This results in a massive residue stream we call beer grain. A tasty stream full of fibres, plant-based protein and essential amino acids.

Through our highly controlled process, we upcycle this very nutritional residue stream into tasty, functional ingredients for the food industry.

That’s how PowerFlour is born, and it can be used in many different ways in food production. Think of pastry, snacks and seasoning.

So, enjoy your beer, and we’ll take care of the rest. Cheers!

our upcycling process


Beer brewery produces beer.


Residual beer grain kernels are collected.


We use our upcycling technology to produce PowerFlour.


Together, we produce innovative, tasty, healthy and sustainable food products.

In the Netherlands and Belgium alone, a total volume of kilos of beer grain is now lost to the feed industry. MaGie Creations saves otherwise undervalued good food through a brilliant process. We upcycle beer grain into a valuable ingredient with powerful benefits. PowerFlour is our innovative ingredient for you to use in your own fantastic food products.

Use Cases

Wonder how PowerFlour can help your business? Check out some of our use cases. We provide our partners and clients with technical support so you can optimise your products and business model while creating positive impact.

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PowerFlour can improve your business?


Brewlicious is our brand of upcycled good food made with PowerFlour. Through our Brewlicious line of products, we guide the way and show how great upcycled food can taste. Enjoy healthy food while contributing to a healthier planet!

Inspired to learn more? Read more about Brewlicious and the delicious beer grain products we made for you to enjoy here.