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Beer grain.
The ingredient
of our future

It’s planet first at MaGie Creations. We can only prosper on a healthy planet, so we need to make optimal use of everything earth is giving us. Taking this perspective, means food residue streams become valuable resources. And this is exactly why we collect beer grain in the Netherlands and upcycle it into valuable, planet proof ingredients for the food industry.

Lowering the footprint
of food production

by upcycling beer grain into ingredients that deliver on sustainability and nutritional value.

But what do we actually do?


To brew beer, sugar and starch is extracted from barley. What remains is beer grain; a fibre and protein rich barley fraction.


Fresh beer grain is led through our tailor-made upcycling process. That delivers us our versatile beer grain based ingredients.


Our beer grain based ingredients are now ready to be delivered to the food industry. Who we support with our dedicated team of food technologists.


The versatility of our beer grain based ingredients is high. Applications range anywhere between the baking and the meat replacement industries.

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