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MaGie Creations’ journey starts from the ambitious and envisioned intention of its founder. Her purpose to build a business that provides sustainable and healthy solutions to the food industry, induced her to embark on this adventurous journey.

Along the way, she found people that share her ideas. Now, together, they are collaborating to lead the food industry in a more sustainable and healthier direction.


We can no longer wait until tomorrow with what we can already do better today. Time for impact is now. I founded Magie Creations to promote healthier diets, reduce CO2-eq. emissions, free up farm land and contribute to sustainability of society in more ways than one. But such goals can’t be achieved alone. So join our mission to rescue food by eating healthy!



I believe in a future where mankind and the environment are in balance. I, therefore, make it my mission to turn green technologies and concepts into economically feasible processes which is what MaGie Creations is all about!





I find the utilization of waste streams for value-added products interesting and I believe this is a way to achieve a more sustainable future.







I strongly believe in the need for effective communication in spreading scientific innovations. At MaGie Creations, I have the opportunity to work on something I strongly recognise the urge for: make the food sector more sustainable, for the benefit of our own health and environment.



A healthy diet and sustainability are key for our future world. That’s why good food made out of waste products is such a promising development – and I’m excited to communicate this towards the outer world.


Food marketeer

Sustainability and eating healthy should go hand in hand. As MaGie Creations is showing that this is possible, I am dedicated to get this story across to our partners and engage them on our journey.

Marketing Manager

I believe good food is tasty, sustainable and healthy. Exactly the type of products I’m developing as part of the MaGie Creations team!


Food technologist

I think it’s amazing grains can be used once for brewing and that it doesn’t stop there… they can be used twice! As part of the MaGie Creations Team, I’m excited to develop food products without making trade-offs on taste, health and sustainability.  


Food technologist


Email us at: madeleine@magiecreations.com

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