MaGie Creations is a food warrior


To create sustainable and healthy food ingredients by repurposing food waste to high-quality food ingredients. Our ingredients should always meet our two key criteria: being sustainable and healthy. You can read here what that means for us.

We are guided by our vision

To live in a world where food residues are not seen as the end, but as a new beginning.


Upcycling of beer grains. Beer grains are a waste product of the beer brewing process and make up for 85% of the total waste of this process. Till now, it is primarily used as animal feed. Beer grains however contain valuable and healthy nutrients which are the basis for a great ingredient for various food products! Think about bread, pasta or even meat substitutes.

Why are we so passionate about food waste?

Well, if food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest polluting country in the world. MaGie Creations is here to help the food industry cut down food waste. Nowadays our (natural) resources are becoming more constrained. It is not always possible to use less of them, so we have to think differently about how we use the existing resources.

MaGie Creations has chosen to specifically investigate existing waste streams from food producers to discover opportunities to turn undervalued byproducts or low value waste products into valuable food ingredients!


We actively collaborate with bakeries, supermarkets, pasta makers, and producers of meat substitutes to deliver sustainable and healthy products to final customers. Are you looking for an ingredient that satisfies consumers’ desire for sustainable and healthy foods that are naturally¬†prepared?

Drop us a line! Also if you are inspired by our story and would like to understand how you can contribute, please connect to us!