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Our Promise

Tapping into the full potential of beer grain, means embarking onto a challenging exploration journey. Which is just what we did at MaGie Creations. By combining our knowledge of food, food processing and biochemistry we focus to capture the complete value beer grain has to offer us.


Everything we do at MaGie Creations evolves around impact. When our beer grain based ingredients are processed into food products, CO2-eq. emissions are reduced, less fresh water is used and less land is required to produce our food. And as we know that with every additional kilo of beer grain we upcycle we impact the planet positively, we design our beer grain processing methods to be scalable.

Health Benefits

Beer grain is packed with fibres and proteins, yet barely contains sugar or starches – as these components have been used to brew beer. As a result, our beer grain based ingredients are highly nutritional and low in calories. Using our ingredients in food applications allows you to create food products with sound nutritional profiles.