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Consumers are increasingly pursuing healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. Novel and low-impact ingredients are needed to meet consumers’ demands for nutritious, plant based and clean label products. Ingredients based on beer grain, the biggest residue stream of the beer brewing process, allow food producers to meet these demands.


Honouring our ingredients’ unique features, we brand them as PowerFlour. Being packed with fibres and protein, PowerFlour is highly suitable for fibre and protein enrichment of foods. But that’s not all PowerFlour can do. Its water binding capacity is impressive, which can be used to enhance the texture of many food products. Would you like to know more about how the unique functionalities of PowerFlour can improve the texture, nutritional profile and cost-benefit analysis of your product? Contact us and we’ll happily tell you more.


PowerFlour is a highly versatile food ingredient. Valuable applications range anywhere between bakery and pastry to meat replacement products. Examples of its applications can be found here. Interested in using PowerFlour in your application? Our experienced food technologists are available for support and co-creation of your unique product!